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"This is exactly mine!" Shouted every single body cell in me when, a few years ago, I accidentally landed both 5 rhythms (conscious dance) on a dance floor.
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As a little girl I dreamed of becoming a dancer. When I was 13, I finally started dancing in the surrounding discos and discovered how great it is to be able to express my feelings in dance . Feelings for which there was little room on the parental farm in the Weinviertel. How should it be different? Work on our farm also came first. It was just wonderful and one thing for a more introverted teenager like me:

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Since then I never stopped dancing again! A few years later, I started attending many dance workshops across Europe, including with Gabrielle Roth, Andrea Juhan and Susanna & Y´acovDarling Khan and Amara Pagano. Since then, the rhythmic movement that makes me come into love has become an integral part of my life. Even when my son Leon was born and we moved back from the city back to the countryside, I worked our basement straight to the dance floor and danced there with friends. Initially! Because over time, my moving units got around and eventually people I didn't know joined. I knew it was time to get out of the basement and make my offer available to others, and I put it into practice with “Tanz dich frei”, my very first course at the Volkshochschule. That was in 2005.

Since then I have had many wonderful, heart-opening experiences with people of different ages and I am very grateful for that. As a trained Open Floor Movement Practice teacher , I accompany her very carefully and clearly when moving consciously in a group. It is a very effective way to let the hearts expand and open for love. For me, too, it has become a beneficial balance to my work as a child occupational therapist !


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And otherwise? Otherwise I dance AND meditate ! An incredibly valuable practice that I owe to my son Leon, who started meditating every day at the age of 14. After a long meditation retreat in Spain, meditation has finally found a fixed place in my conscious exercise offers.


“There is a magical moment when the space in which we move together becomes a WE. We use open floor movement practice to help people break out of old patterns. ”
Lori Saltzman
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