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It has long been scientifically proven that conscious exercise reduces stress and effectively protects against burnout and depression. The "moving" units from Doris also have an enormous impact on the emotional level, since topics can be integrated into the movement in a targeted and individually tailored manner to their company.

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Possible subject areas:


  • Improve collaboration

  • build up trust

  • Strengthening leadership skills

  • More security in the presentation

  • Finding yourself as a team (team building)

  • Relaxation on all levels

Do you want to

  • motivated and committed employees?

  • a good working atmosphere?

  • healthy employees and less sick leave?

  • good and efficient cooperation?

  • strengthen the undiscovered potential of your employees?

Then this training method can help you achieve your goals!

During the "moving" units, the participants can perceive new perspectives of their own and others , try new ways , meet each other in a different way and experience tools how they can take over what they have just learned into everyday business life. Targeted moving exercises strengthen your own resources and the full potential of each individual can develop.

The strengthening of the WIR feeling and the fun factor is always in the foreground! The contents of the units are tailored to the needs of your company and individually adapted. A major advantage is that many people can take part in such training at the same time (between 10 and 100 people).

If you’re curious,

you are welcome to arrange an introductory lesson for a special price.

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