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One sees clearly only with the heart. It's easy when dancing! Opening up and allowing feelings that dance together with me on a wonderful journey into the self! "
Martina Koch

Der Wandel beginnt in mir - tanz den Wandel!

Regular practice is essential so that our body, mind and emotions stay in the flow and we can go deeper.

Come the way you are! With all your limitations, with your current condition - whether fit or not, thin or fat, young or old, experienced in dancing or not. All feelings may be there, whether sad, tired, angry or joyful.

A different topic is in the foreground every evening.

You can attend the lessons individually or take a block that spans a semester. Entry and getting to know each other is possible at any time.


Where: Jufa Cup Wörth / Velden,

Accommodation and meals in the Jufa guest house possible on site:

When: as soon as we can again :)

Cost: info coming soon



Cancellation conditions:

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