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"One sees clearly only with the heart. It's easy when dancing! Opening up and allowing feelings to dance together with me on a wonderful journey into the self! "
Martina Koch


arrive with me with conscious movement, meditation & yoga

Aren't we all longing for a home? A place or a person who makes us feel like we have arrived? Home can mean something different for each of us. Embark on an eventful journey into your body - on a journey to yourself, to your true self. When we get there, we really got home! Regardless of certain places or people, we are deeply at home!


Nothing to do, nothing to do, no right and no wrong - just be yourself! Take a break from everyday life, find relaxation and strengthen your vitality. Treat yourself to a special break in the middle of the Mediterranean nature of Andalusia with a view of the sea, safe in a small community of max. 12 dear people, and let yourself be spoiled with Darja's healthy food and massages (base fasting possible on request).


Wo: Finca/ Casa el Morisco in Benajarafe (Spanien)

Wann: 25.2. –3.3.2024

Kosten: all inklusive:

DZ pro Person € 650,- plus € 400,- Seminabeitrag= € 1.050,-/ EZ € 755,- plus € 400,- Seminarbeitrag= € 1.155,-

Flughafen Transfer inkludiert! Bitte Ankunftszeit bis spätestens 17 Uhr einplanen. Reisestornoversicherung wird empfohlen.

Anmeldung: Frühbucher Preis bis 16.12.2023 DZ € 1.000,-/ EZ € 1.105,-

Stornobedingungen: Corona bedingte Verhinderungen kein Storno! Ansonsten bis 31.12.2023   € 100,-,  bis 15.1.2024 € 200;-, ab 16.1.2024 € 350,-, ab 3.2.2024 € 400,- Bitte auch die Stornobedingungen der Finca beachten (siehe homepage).

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