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"Moves" combines everything that is most effective and effective for me in my life for my personal development :
  conscious dance & meditation. "

Building a  moving unit



Each unit is characterized by a specific topic that is derived from the movement resources or based on the wishes and needs of the group. At the beginning, the topic is attuned to with words and a small physical exercise. Then I accompany the movement with calm, slowly building music. Attention is initially directed inwards - mostly with closed eyes. Later we open our perception of the space directly around us and finally extend it to the whole space and also perceive the other people in the space.


Depending on the topic, there are movement exercises with yourself and in connection with the others. There are also very movement-intensive phases where we can sweat a lot and let go of tension. Towards the end of the unit it becomes calmer again until it finally ends in silence.


The special thing about my "moving" offers is that it ends with a 15-minute meditation. Finally, there is the possibility to verbalize what I have experienced or how I am now. This is helpful in order to better integrate what you have experienced into your everyday life and strengthens the connection in the group.

Aufbau einer bewegten Einheit
„We do this work until all that is left is love!“   
  Amara Pagano  

Open floor                          practice

from fixed to fluid - with mindful movement you try to relax from tension and fixation in all areas (physically, emotionally and mentally) and thus create space for something new. So that we will be able to see the abundance of opportunities that are already there. This can make our lives more colorful, easier and more alive.


from habit to free choice - when we recognize and dissolve old patterns, we suddenly have a free choice - I consciously create MY life! So my fate doesn't have to create strokes of fate so that I have to grow and learn ...


move & include - everything that is currently there may be here and can express itself through the movement. This can be very healing because everything we have experienced is stored in our body cells and can be healed by accepting and expressing it. For me personally the most effective and pleasant way to free myself from my suffering and have a lot of fun with it!


Emotional intelligence   - this physical embodiment of our emotions increases our emotional intelligence, a basis for teamwork and fulfilled relationships that is increasingly in demand today. More on this topic at We have to feel all feelings in order to feel the "pleasant" feelings such as deep joy, inner peace or intimate connection. The result of this movement practice is that I feel connected to myself (again), it opens my heart and I feel alive and free.


Core movement resources:


  • Physical centering

  • Spatial awareness

  • Move back and forth

  • Activate & relax

  • Pull & Extend Together (Bend and Stretch Joints)

  • Movement aimed at a target (vector)

  • Build physical stability over the feet (earth)

  • Letting go of certain physical movements (e.g. shaking)

  • Dissolving (eg physical tension)

  • Stop (let the movement come to rest, perceive, refuel)

Physical anchors can be all parts of the body, such as feet, hands, skin and also our breath. They help us to keep the attention in the body.
gruppe bewegt.jpg

Basic longings of humans (4 hunger):


  • be with me

  • be with you

  • to be together (I as part of the group)

  • connected with something bigger (spirit)




Colorfully mixed music from world music to electronic beat to classical music, accompanies when moving and entices our bodies to let go of our feelings and our minds to speak with the language of the body - to express what we cannot find words for!


Music as medicine


Every music composition is a long process, because every single piece of music is carefully selected according to its effect. Music can instantly put us in a certain mood, influences the way we move to be encouraged to get in touch or to be with me. It stimulates or soothes and the effect on our vegetative nervous system has long been scientifically proven.

Sometimes people work without music or outside in the forest with the sounds of nature. For many participants, the use of inner images and ideas is particularly effective and helpful .




My meditation background:

  • Tibetan Buddhism (Rangjung Yeshe Gomde in Scharnstein)

  • Retreat in the school4meditation (secret garden) in Andalusia

  • Regular Kundalini meditations and Satsang with Lisa Schuhmacher (Gangaji line)

Some time ago I initiated a weekly meditation together in nature - in winter in the form of a walking meditation. My daily meditation practice has made me calmer, happier and more focused. It also trains mindfulness, loving care, compassion and wisdom.

Over time, I discovered more and more how conscious movement and sitting meditation complement and combine each other. It feels like a natural consequence, almost like an inner need to go into an inward, deeper meditation at the end of the active movement. Through the movement that takes place beforehand, which makes our body soft and relaxed, our thoughts calmer, our heart and soul more open, sitting meditation allows an even deeper journey to our true self. Everything that appears in the movement phase can be integrated when meditating and also better transferred to everyday life.

By paying attention to our breath and heart, we can connect with the unconditional love within us. The question: "What are the obstacles to my love?" Can give us deep insights and show us what we can let go of. Another key question is: "What is your greatest longing / greatest desire?" This can show us the direction of our path and enables us to ask for support.


The process of meditation


At the end of the "moving" session, depending on the topic, it is structured differently, partly continuously, partly without instructions in common silence or with soft music.


I'm looking forward to your message!

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