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“When we are ready to face our fears, we get courage to act.
By expressing our anger fully, we come to forgiveness.
By truly surrendering to sadness, we become able to fully surrender to life.
When we are full of joy, it is natural for us to give.
And compassion means nothing other than serving others. "
Gabriele Roth

The added value and effectiveness of this combination if we detoxify not only on a physical level, but also emotionally at the same time is enormous and many times more sustainable. Stress and pent-up feelings make us "angry" - also physically - and can rob us of sleep. That is why it is very worthwhile to detoxify emotionally (emotional detox) in order to stay healthy, reduce internal stress and calm down.


The “moving” units with Doris can help us to move, process and integrate everything that can come to the surface through the fasting process of feelings through physical expression, and to integrate it into meditation.

Fiesta of the senses in Andalusian!

Treat yourself to a special break at Finca el Morisco in Andalusia (in Benajarafe20 km east of Malaga). This heavenly place surrounded by mango, avocado, pomegranate, lemon and orange trees with a view of the sea leaves nothing to be desired: jumping into the pool, walking to the sea 2 km away, sweating in the sauna, or simply the peace and quiet Enjoying the sun.

With Aneta Pissareva, certified and long-time fasting companion in the fasting center Kloster Pernegg:

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