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One sees clearly only with the heart. It's easy when dancing! Opening up and allowing feelings that dance together with me on a wonderful journey into the self! "
Martina Koch

All meine Sehnsüchte

me - you&me - we - spirit



In conscious dance we explore the network of connections in which every person is embedded (4 hungers): above all the relationship with myself & with you. With the help of the Open Floor movement practice we can strengthen the resources of our capacity for love to ourselves to feel comfortable with us and to experience fulfilling relationships.

Come the way you are! Nothing to do, no right and no wrong. Just be you! Surrender to the magic of moving your own body and trust in our inner body wisdom.


Image by Juergen Ferrary

Where: Jufa Cup Wörth / Velden,

Accommodation and meals in the Jufa guest house possible on site:

When: as soon as we can again :)

Cost: info coming soon



Cancellation conditions:

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